Endangered Dogs Defence & Rescue Ltd





Conditions of Adoption:

The above animal is put into your care on the understanding that the following conditions are understood, agreed and adhered to:


(1)    If for any reason and at any time, you are unable to keep the said animal, it must be returned to the Endangered Dogs Defence & Rescue Ltd.


(2)    Under no circumstance may this animal be passed into other hands, or destroyed, without the permission of the Endangered Dogs Defence & Rescue Ltd, unless, in a veterinary surgeon's opinion such a course is required on medical grounds, in which case a certificate must be obtained and the EDDR Ltd notified.


(3)    The dog must wear a strong collar and an ID disc showing the owners name address and/or telephone number. At no time shall the animal be allowed out on its own. We recommend that you Microchip your dog.


(4)    The animal must be housed indoors or in accommodation approved by the EDDR. The animal must be properly cared for and qualified treatment given in the case of illness or accident.


(5)    If the animal is lost or stolen the Endangered Dogs Defence & Rescue Ltd, the Police and Local Authority Dog Warden should be informed immediately.


(6)    No dog or bitch is to be used for breeding purposes.


(7)    Third part and/or veterinary insurance is advised.


(8)    An authorised person acting on behalf of the Endangered Dogs Defence & Rescue Ltd must be allowed to visit your home at a convenient time to ensure that the dog is happy, settled and that the terms of this agreement are being reasonably adhered to.


I understand and acknowledge that the dog is passed to me in good faith. The Endangered Dogs Defence & Rescue Ltd do not give any warranty expressed or implied as to the health and fitness of the dog and cannot be held responsible for any future illness.

We confirm that we have to the best of our ability and knowledge informed you of the history of the dog and the reason, if known, why it came into our care and control.

We cannot be held liable for any injury to any persons or damage to property which may be caused by the dog after being accepted into the possession of the new owner.

I have read, understood and accepted these conditions. Failure to reasonably comply gives the EDDR Ltd the right to remove the animal from my care.


Signed___________________________________________(New Owner) Date______________________


Witness__________________________________________(EDDR Ltd) Date_________________________